Saturday, March 28, 2015

What Can Taco Bell Teach Us About Diversity?

So with other political issues going on today...

War on Christmas
War on Religion
War on Drugs
War on Marriage
War on Terrorism
War on Women

...who knew a Taco Bell ad could encourage those of us who feel disenfranchised by our own "Routine Republic", not in changing up our breakfast habits, but our habits for how we treat others?

In short, Taco Bell has decided to create a "War on Breakfast"! We are perceived to be living in a Communist state (Routine Republic) that is run by McDonald's and it is time for us to "Wake up" and become "Breakfast Defectors" to the Anarchist society, which is run by Taco Bell! (The CrunchWraps are drawn similar to the anarchist symbol by those frustrated with the Republic's regime on circular breakfast sandwiches.)

That is its literal meaning, but what about a deeper, more social meaning?

Aside from the silliness and hyperbolic (potentially libelous) advertising, this is an excellent example of how we are brainwashed repeatedly into responding to nearly every issue out there: "Same good. Different is bad!" (Us good. Them bad!). If this were about the culture war, it would be an awesome point to make, as it demonstrates how "Same is lame.", which is more in tune with the American ideal of diversity.

The ad is also a demonstration of where society in general wishes to head... Society wants pluralism. They want "justice and equality for all!" While there cannot be co-existence between Taco Bell land and the "McDonald's-led Routine Republic", there must be basic civil human rights that allow diversity and freedom for all. We wish to see an end to the oppression and live free together.

If hope seems lost for the various groups in our "different is bad" culture, who wish to defect to a land that allows all of us to co-exist - the LGBTQ, the religious, the atheists, the political outsiders who do not fit the mold we are all told to fit - we can break free by joining each other in defecting from this regime. Who's with us?

Campaign website addresses:

Taco Bell extended ad:

Routine Republic: Breakfast Defectors
(C) Copyright Taco Bell 2015

March 19, 2016 UPDATE: The campaign sites no longer seem to work. I have also updated the YouTube link.

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