Friday, March 27, 2015

Should RFRA Opponents "Boycott Indiana"? - Part II

I wrote a post yesterday, "Do Christians Have the 'Right to Discriminate'", about why I think the RFRA is the theologically wrong direction to go and why I think Christians serving customers that they don't agree with is not a violation to the practicing of their faith.

Today, I wanted to point out a few reactions by the opponents to the RFRA that have responded in a way that I think will be just as harmful to Hoosiers as the RFRA will be to Hoosiers.

First, GenCon may likely leave at the end of their contract never to return.
Last, George Takei has called for a national boycott of Indiana business, asking "socially responsible companies (to) withdraw their business, conferences and support” from Indiana.":

You can see his full response here:

The first response I listed, GenCon, they bring $50 million into the state each year, by themselves! But, it's not just about money for the state coffers and businesses, think of the jobs that are going to disappear and the Hoosiers (supporters and opponents) who will suffer by being in the crossfire between the RFRA supporters and those who oppose the RFRA!

We need a more peaceable way to resolve these kinds of issues. As I stated in my post yesterday, writing legislation like the RFRA does not help, and now the ensuing boycotts are not going to help either. Both actions will only fuel the fire further and each team will dig their feet in further and keep firing upon each other. Meanwhile, those caught in the cross fire will suffer from the fact these sides can't find a different way to work out their issues! We don't need the #RFRA. We don't need #BoycottIndiana. We need #CivilDiscourse.

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