Monday, June 24, 2013

News Media and Government Slaves to Boolean Logic?

Granted, in response to the article referenced above: Doughty's comments on the application were listed as spiritual/religious in nature when she wanted exemption (as a conscientious objector) to ever carry a weapon if required by the government, BUT I commend her as many forms (government or otherwise) are so cookie-cutter that they don't allow for non-Boolean responses!!

The title of this article, therefore, is misleading because she wasn't required to join a church or be denied citizenship. She was told to join a "church"... "that forbids violence" (in other words, a specific type of religious organization, although NOT confined to a specific religion -- why?) because the current (again Boolean) definition of "conscientious objector" is that it has to be based on religious beliefs to be exempt from the bearing of arms in defense of the country. If she hadn't met the requirements for the exemption she was requesting, then she would have been denied citizenship.

Coming back to the other hand, however, "conscientious objector" should be re-defined to include those who hold to no religion. Just as religion and guns are not dependent clauses of one another, so church and state should not be dependent clauses of one another!

Finally, this was not an issue for Doughty to proselytize Atheism. She was simply acting on her convictions and many, from all walks of life, have shown their support. “Over the past two days not only good friends but people I don’t even know have sent notes of support,” she wrote. “They are people with a wide range of beliefs, beliefs that I respect -- Christians, Moslems, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics and others. I think that is part of what has always appealed to me about America – that people of all beliefs can live together accepting and respecting each other and working together for the common good.”

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