Sunday, December 30, 2012

Who's Going to Lose their Freedom?


I wasn't going to comment, but frankly, I think President Obama has pushed a line that if we cross, there is going to be major repercussions. On one hand, the owners of Hobby Lobby should not be forced to give up their religious freedoms and pay a fine of $1.3 million PER DAY starting Tuesday until they do! On the other hand, Mifepristone (RU-486) can cost upwards of $600 and the average pro-choice working women will face a problem with covering that cost.

On the other hand, many businesses have exchanged company contributed benefits with defined-contribution benefit plans (employee puts in part of the cost), so why should Hobby Lobby be forced in to offering anything in benefits? On the other hand, it's either we take away the freedom of Hobby Lobby to offer "the morning after pill" (which isn't the same thing as RU-486, which is the actual pill in question within the HHS mandate), or take away the freedom for pro-choice women to choose their options. Do we really want to take away anyone's freedom by participating in this zero-sum game? Is there another way, besides this HHS mandate?

And, how can the Obama administration claim that an organization has little to no religious liberties because it's not an individual? IF this is the case, how could anyone ever sue an organization... it's not an individual, right? On the other hand, I do agree that religious liberties have a limit... you can't go sacrifice a virgin on an alter just because your religion believes that some supernatural being gets their jollies from murdering virgins.  

Yes, I'm using hyperbole and no, it's not on par with Hobby Lobby's wish to not supply abortion-inducing drugs on their health plans... but the point is still valid. We can't just do whatever we want in the name of religion... but where is the line? Who says? The Government? I would rather the Government stay out of it altogether, but then where would the pro-choice women be? Back in the back alleys with coat hangers trying to damage themselves enough to get the abortion based on the threat to their lives? Frankly, as big of hot-button issues as these are... I just don't buy that there are any easy answers. However, I sure don't like where religious liberty stands with the HHS mandate.

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