Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Movie Moments - Purple State of Mind

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For Purple Mountain Majesties
by Eric Bumpus

John Marks and Craig Detweiler have collaborated in producing a great film, which acts as a salve for the cultural boils that have been popping up all over America's shapely and wonderful body.

This skin -- consisting of spacious skies, fruited plains, amber waves of grain, and PURPLE mountains majesty -- has been ripped apart through divisions and strife, but in the escalating turmoil, 'A Purple State of Mind', reminds us that diversity and eclectic 'melting pots' are what makes our country strong. Sure, a 'house divided against itself cannot stand', but 'the many parts of an orchestra make beautiful music'.

No more can our country be split along such rigid halves as red and blue. It must embrace all the varying shades in between and come together in our commonality as Americans, if our country is to survive.

With that contextual backdrop, this film should be required viewing before anyone is allowed to register to vote. Then, everyone should have to watch it once more before they are allowed to even turn on political talk radio. John and Craig are part of an ever growing movement, and stand proudly, taking on this issue from the front and center.

Having been fortunate enough to host an interview with both gentlemen through our online, audio program (Cultural Diplomacy), I wholeheartedly endorse 'A Purple State of Mind', and believe this film deserves the attention of every citizen in this great country we call home.

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